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We currently offer pasture raised heritage pigs for their excellent taste, good feed conversion and dress out weights. We feed a source of locally sourced grains with supplementation of overproduction garden and fruit items from time to time.

Currently accepting interest for our next harvest scheduled for September 2022.

100-125 lb average hanging weight per half.

Total charges per half including cut/wrap/processing/cure is $625.00 including Square charge fees delivered to your door.

Quarters are available if another customer is found and priced at $335/quarter delivered.

Whole pork orders receive a 10% discount.


Cut Option #1:  This includes cured and smoked ham and bacon and a standard cut with bone-in pork chops, ribs, ground sausage and roasts.

Cut Option #2:  This includes cured and smoked bacon, boneless loin roasts, baby-back ribs, ground sausage and roasts.  Ham not included but leg is broken down into more cuts.*

*Sausage options:  country breakfast, sweet Italian, hot Italian, maple, and plain ground pork.

Click on the link under the pig to send an email now for details on placing order. 


Our pastured chicken are raised in moving chicken tractors to fresh grass daily and fed a complete ration of local Conway grains.  Fresh air, water and the occasional bug or earthworm help to make our poultry great on the grill and in your roasting pan.  

Average processed chicken is 5.5 pounds.

2022 Harvest is SOLD OUT

Place an interest email for 2023 and we will put you on our planning list.

Our pastured beef are raised on grass and finished for 60 day ration of local hay and grains. Fresh air, sunshine and water help make great steaks and roasts for your grill and in your roasting pan.  

Grass finished beef available upon request.

Inquire about May 2022 delivery.  Currently looking at having 2 whole beef available by the whole, half or quarter!

Current prices are 5.50/lb hanging weight delivered to your door including harvest, and cut and wrap


Whole, Half, and Quarter orders available

We do a standard cut that includes T-bone and sirloin steaks, ground beef, short ribs, and roasts at 3-4 lbs.

Farm visits by appointment only